What to expect at a multi-specialty clinic?

A multi-specialty clinic is a place where you find an array of specialists and facility under the same roof. The doctors share the equipment, facilities, administrations and the support staff too. The doctors have specialized in related medical practices which enable them to use similar kind of equipment and facilities. Multi-specialty clinics have become a boon for people as it has minimized the hassle of hopping around in search for appropriate medical assistance and facilities in the city.

People often wonder about the specialty of a multi- specialty clinic. Well the best part is that the patients will get seasoned medical practitioners at one go.

Following are the basic facilities provided by a multi-specialty clinic:

  1. More than one consultant/ doctor:

In every multi-specialty clinic there is more than one doctor available to take care of the patients. Patients often seek consultancy from more than one specialist at a time because patients suffer from ailments that are not only contained within a field of medical specialty. Multi-specialty clinics help them have hassle free experience as they find advice for all their aliments in one place.

  1. Wide range of facilities:

The patients get wide range of facilities available under the same roof. Many patients need to have multiple tests done at a time and it becomes terrible for them if they have to roam around in multiple place to get the tests done. Finding all the facilities in one place is a huge advantage on part of the patients.

  1. Various health packages:

Due the fact that there are many doctors and examination facility available in clinic, they often provide with various health packages. These packages not only reduce the hassle of opting for multiple tests for the patients but also help to minimize the monetary cost of multiple tests. The health packages are comprehensive pack of tests that are designed keeping the need of the patients in mind.

  1. Family clinic:

Multi-specialty clinics have become a one stop destination for families. Many a times, two or more family members need to consult doctor for different ailments. Specialty clinics become the place where they can find advice from various doctor at a time and need not worry about hopping around clinics round the city.

Medical assistance should be hassle free. That’s what a multi-specialty clinic stands for. It gives you the best medical service without putting extra rather unnecessary pressure on the patients.


The importance of a regular heart check-up

Getting a heart check up often is extremely important. It is beneficial to detect arteries that are clogged as they could later lead to heart attacks. Studies suggest that women who are under birth control pillls are at a higher risk of developing a heart attack. Hence, women should go for a heart check up more often.

Earlier doctors used to offer a stress test, but nowdays cardiologists provide blood tests and advanced imaging which give a much accurate picture of the risks of heart attack.  Better detection of heart diseases are of utmost important to prevent possibilities of developing one in the future.

Tests performed during a cardiac checkup :-

  1. Cardiac calcium scoring- A CT scanner is used to check traces of atherosclerotic plaque (made up of scar tissues, cholesterol and calcium) inside your heart’s arteries. Electrodes are attached to your chest and an EKG machine monitors your heartbeat. You are supposed to hold your breath for atleast 10 seconds during the test.
  2. Carotid intimal medial thickness test- An ultrasound test of your neck is taken to check the carotid arteries. These arteries are responsible in supplying blood to your brain and head.
  3. High sensitivity C-Reactive Protein test- A blood test usually measures the CRP. This is a protein found in your blood which indicates inflammation throughout the body. People with high levels of CRP in their blood are more prone to suffering from a stroke or a heart attack. According to research belly fat can contribute to the formation of CRP.
  4. Lipoprotein test or advanced lipid profile- Unlike cholestrol blood tests which measure the total amount of cholestrol, triglycerides, LDL and HDL, advanced lipid profile measure the size of the particles thoroughly. Some particles tend to be fluffy and big, therefore, they tend to travel through the body by bouncing off the artery walls while the particles which tend to be dense and small penetrate the lining of the arteries and form plaque. The presence of small particles doubles your risk of a heart attack or a chronic heart disorder.
  5. A1C blood glucose test- This test indicates the average level of blood sugar found in your body. Unlike other glucose tests, this test doesn’t require any fasting or drinking a beverage rich in sugar content.

Genetic tests- A blood test is performed and the sample is sent to the lab for mutations of APOE genes or KIF6. If further risks of heart diseases are diagnosed, changes in diet and a drug to lower cholestrol levels are prescribed.

How Can Preventive Health Check-Ups Help You?

Preventive health checkups are helpful for a better living. It is better to spend on the preventive health checkups annually than on the treatment of some severe disease. Moreover, the trouble one suffers from the symptoms and the stress of the severe health conditions are something anyone would want to avoid. So it is better to get a preventive health checkup package beforehand and stay away from the diseases.

The 5 advantages of taking preventive health checkups are:

  1. Maintaining a healthy life

It is important to maintain a healthy life. The regular checkup ensures that your health never deteriorates in any manner. Everything in this world needs maintenance, even your car. Your body too needs to be maintained on a regular basis. A preventive checkup helps to determine a healthy living as the doctor will recommend an array of healthy tips for living.

  1. Prevention is better than cure

Preventive checkups on a regular basis help doctors detect health issues. Several tests are recommended to determine the current status of the patient. If any problem is detected then the treatment starts immediately without any delay. This saves a lot of trouble and the chances of getting the disease are reduced.

  1. Financial security

Avoiding your health to control expenditure is harmful for both your health and your coffers. Preventive health checkups ensure that you remain healthy and do not get affected by any harmful disease. Moreover if the disease is detected early then the treatment for the disease would cost less. Thus by preventing disease people do save money as well. Thus preventive health checkup packages are helpful and beneficiary.

  1. Helps to gauge the current health condition

Many people remain unaware of their health conditions and invite the risk of the suffering from severe ailments. Health checkups help to avoid these scenarios. A health checkup helps you identify health conditions like blood pressure issues, cholesterol level, and blood sugar levels. The more you are aware of your condition the less are the chances of getting severed.

  1. Identification of diseases

There are chances that people are already suffering from a medical condition but are still unaware. Further there are chances that they will remain aware of this fact till it gets severed. A preventive health checkup will help the patient to identify the condition and get the treatment at the earliest.

As said before, prevention is better than cure. So prevent all the harmful health conditions with preventive health checkup packages beforehand and live a healthy and peaceful life.

Master Health Check-up: What to expect?

Master health check ups are extremely important and are performed to diagnose symptomatic complications and disorders before they arise. They also help to diagnose diseases and disorders early, so as to better your chances of a faster recovery. By getting the right health care services and treatments, you are moving towards a healthier and longer lifestyle. Your lifestyle choices, family history, health and age are the most important factors taken into consideration while choosing a health check up package.

Prevention is better than cure. And as such people are becoming more conscious and proactive about their health. Therefore, it is important to get a master health check up as often as possible. It is important to get a master health check up in a certified clinic under the supervision of an experienced professional. This rules out the possiblilty of performing unnecessary tests which involves mental harm and radiation risks from the tests. Some people usually have a misconception that a longer list of tests means better diagnosis of your medical conditions. This is not entirely true, that is why it is of utmost importance to choose a proper specialist and clinic for your master health check up. Having master health check ups is extremely vital as it allows you to stay on the peak of your health at all times. However, these should be done at clinics which practice excellent standards and perform only those tests that are required for your sex and age. During master health check ups, it is important to ensure that you are not directly exposed to harmful radiaitons by unecessary tests.

When should you opt for a master health check?

  1. If you are 30 to 40 years of age.
  2. If you chew tobacco or smoke often.
  3. If you are overweight.
  4. If you are hypersensitive or diabetic.
  5. If you think you have high cholesterol levels.
  6. If you have a family history of disorders.

During a master health check up, investigations such as fasting blood sugar, post prandial blood sugar, Complete Blood Count (CBC) with ESR, complete urine examination, blood urea, lipid profile, serum creatinine, liver function test, blood grouping and thyroid profiling are carried out.

The most common tests performed during a master health check up include ECG, TMT, X-Ray chest, 2D Echo screening and ultra sound abdomen. It is necessary to consult a dietician, ophthalmologist, gynecologist (for females) or a doctor specialising in internal medicine for a master health check up.

Executive Health Checkup: What Do They Offer?

People tend to live a life full of stress now a day. Consequently, they are exposed to many diseases and the health conditions that have potential to cause severe problems in the future. The executive health checkup package helps people to have a thorough checkup and identify the issues that are possibly harming them. Moreover this package is recommended for people who regularly smoke or are continuously exposed to severe pollution. It is designed to determine the health condition of the people affected.

Executive health checkup package includes following checkups:

  1. AHC Apollo heart checkup package

A stressful life has a tendency to primarily affect the heart. This executive checkup package includes a thorough heart checkup. The comprehensive checkup helps to determine the accurate status of the cardiovascular system. The symptoms like chest pain, palpitation, or shortness of breath are common for any heart related diseases. The test would determine if these symptoms have anything to do with the heart.

  1. Cardiac stress analysis (TMT) or Echo

Cardiac stress analysis helps to detect any heart disease that a person may suffer from.  This test determines the condition of the heart and how much abnormal rhythms or a drop of blood flow to the heart it can manage. The electrocardiogram and heart rate is examined to analyze the heart’s condition.

  1. Pulmonary function test (spirometry)

Most people in today’s time smoke as a tool to reduce their stress immediately. However, this harms their lungs drastically. They gradually develop many severe lung issues without realizing it. Moreover, the increase in pollution has also lead to many pulmonary diseases. These issues can be detected with the pulmonary function tests. Spirometry is the most common test that helps to decipher the exact condition of the lungs.

  1. Diet counseling

The key to a healthy living is a proper diet. Moreover, many diseases can be prevented and cured with a perfect diet plan. The executive checkup package includes diet counseling to not just detect the diseases and bad health conditions but to eradicate it from their roots.

A hectic and stressful life has made people indulge in many harmful and unhealthy practices like smoking which possess high risk on their health. An executive checkup package helps people to get aware of their health conditions and to get proper medication and advices before it’s too late. A thorough checkup helps people to stay healthy and avoid severe conditions.

What are the primary tests that must be included in a health Check-up Pacakge?

Health checkup packages are usually designed to detect life threatening as well as common medical conditions. Most of these diseases are successfully treated on early diagnosis. People can choose any form of health check up according to their health status, age and requirements. Most of the health check ups are performed in private clinics or hospitals. Admissions in hospitals is generally not required. Depending on the screening preparations or tests, not eating food for some hours before specific USG scan or blood test can be needed. Instructions need to be strictly followed before health check ups.

There are various types of health check up packages such as:

  1. Routine health checkups package- This form of health check ups usually include consultations with specialists such as opthalmologists, gynecologists and general physicians. The specialists usually perform physical examinations to check vital signs such as weight, respiratory rate and blood pressure. Blood test is generally done to find out the CBC (complete blood count), blood sugar levels, fats (lipid) profile and HIV. Urine tests and stool examinations are carried out as well. Routine health checkups also include chest X-ray, electrocardiogram, ultrasound, digital mammogram, pelvic exam, PAP smear, tonometry, lung functioning tests, ENT examinations and diet counseling.
  2. Cardiac health check up packages- These health check ups are performed to diagnose the risk of any form of heart diseases. This package usually includes consultations with an experienced cardiologist, USC scan for blood sugar, complete haemogram, serum hemocysteine, S.G.O.T, X-ray of the chest, ECG, TMT, 2D Echo, and renal profiling. Lipid profiling and diet counseling are al.
  3. Women health check up package- This type of health check up package is designed to give a comprehensive checkup to a woman for early diagnosis or detection of medical conditions. This pakage includes consultation with a gynecologist, random blood sugar examination, complete haemogram, thyroid tests, routine urine exam, X-rays, pelvic screening (ultrasound), Pap smear, breast examination and mammography.
  4. Executive health check up package- This is generally for people who live a very stressful life. Executive health check ups are generally for people who reside in a highly polluted area and are exposed to extreme levels of pollution. Those who smoke regularly are also advised to go for this package. Executive health check up usually includes AHC package, Cardiac stress analysis, echo test, spirometry (pulmonary function test) and diet counseling.

Health checkups are extremely vital for your health. The specialist shares information about the functioning of your body including signs of emotional distress or illnesses. Health check ups are also necessary to manage and monitor harmful behaviors in the body.

Health checkup packages: how can they benefit you?

Most people tend to ignore the fact that they need a health check as they think are healthy people and do not require a health checkup. However the fact is that it is health checkup are essential for the wellbeing of the every individual. Regular checkups help people to avoid sever health risk for the future.

Following are the comprehensive health checkup packages provided by Apollo hospitals groups.

  1. Apollo master health check

The Apollo master health checkup package includes 32 comprehensive health checkups for men and women below the age of 35. This package helps to evaluate in details the present health status of the person. Accumulated, all the tests will help detect any potential threat of risk to the health of the person. These tests would help to detect all the possible diseases that might have already started building in your body yet has not surfaced in the form of any severe symptom. Like complete urine analysis would detect any injection or other disease you might have been unaware of earlier.

  1. Apollo senior citizens health check

The Apollo senior citizens health check includes a comprehensive test for the people above the age of 60.

Apollo provides two packages for the senior citizens

  1. Pack I

This package includes 6 tests- Haemogram, Fasting Blood Sugar, Lipid Profile, Urine Routine, Creatinine, X- Ray Chest and ECG.

This package also includes a complete physical examination and advice by a Geriatic Consultant.

  1. Pack II

This package includes all the tests that are mentioned in the Apollo master health check package. The package also comprises of other test like TSH, Calcium, and Stool for Occult Blood, Dexa Scan and PSA (men)/ Mammogram (women). A Geriatric consultant would thoroughly exam and provide advice accordingly. Further diet counseling and a physiotherapy consultancy would be provided if required.

  1. Apollo future health check

This special package is designed to cover all the dimensions of health and diseases at one go. This package examines the complete medical history of a person which includes family history and lifestyle habits. The package also includes a comprehensive history of vaccinations which helps in the process of analysis and evaluation of the person for the future reference.

The package includes an array of examinations, counseling and consultancy sessions from various specialist. This package helps a person to gauge his/her medical condition and what changes he/she has to make to overcome such issues. The specialists would provide a complete analysis and suggest advice on what kind of lifestyle, dietary habits and otherwise has to be followed to live a healthy life apart from the detection of the diseases.

These health checkup packages have been designed to help people live healthy and be aware of the diseases at the earliest. The sooner the diseases gets detected the better the chances of being cured.