Wellness Check- up: Is an Annual Medical Check- up necessary?

An annual medical check- up can add to the quality of your life. As the adage goes, “prevention is better than cure”. Getting a master health check- up done annually can help detect underlying diseases and disorders in good time. It is also a great way to know about the status and progress of your health. Routine vigilance can lead to early treatment on finding signs of a serious problem. In case you have already been diagnosed with a chronic ailment, systematic disease management through annual health checkups will lessen the cost of primary health care. It will also free you from worries of needless hospitalisation. However, a holistic approach to your master health checkup cannot be solely manned by medical professionals. There are certain responsibilities on your part as well. Make sure you have a list of medications you take, reports and documents from the last check up, your detailed medical history, your general family history, and also a list of symptoms you have been facing of late.

Your master health check- up is extremely necessary for these reasons: –

While preventive visits take care of;

  1. Vision related problems,
  2. Body mass index,
  3. The potential risk for depression and anxiety,
  4. Blood pressure, height and weight measurements and
  5. Other preventive services like vaccines or screenings.

Wellness visits will look into the following;

  1. Reviewing of a person’s medical history by referring to his or her family history,
  2. Identification and further treatment of an impaired cognitive faculty,
  3. Subjective health advice and assistance,
  4. Risk factors you may be prone to and respective treatment options,
  5. Implementation of preventive measure advised on earlier visits.

An annual health check up prevents confusion regarding how to go about with health concerns. It will guide you through procedures like liver function tests checking for Alkaline Phosphatase, GGTP, S. Bilirubin and total protein, albumin or globulin content. Carrying out general tests will be easier for you through master health checkup; may it be an Ultrasonogram of the abdomen, chest X- ray, ECG, stool test or urine test, it will be performed in an orderly fashion. The best part of a master health check is, you come to know your doctor. In the case of an emergency, you will have a dependable doctor at your service; one that doesn’t need to be updated about your medical background.


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