The Importance of Preventive Health Check-ups

Most people forgo routine health checkups which results in severe medical conditions or, in some cases, death due to diseases which could have easily been prevented. Preventive health checkups as well as immunization and vaccines are imperative to avoid medical problems and sustain good health. The main objective of preventive health checkups is to identify and prevent a disease instead of treating a disease after it has progressed, thus maintaining sound health.

Exterminating a disease in the earliest stages is very uncomplicated and easy. However, as the disease progresses, it becomes more difficult for the patient to combat the medical condition and sometimes, despite the finest treatment, impossible. Even if you believe that you are in the peak of your health, there may be certain signs and symptoms which are not noticeable but may cause serious illnesses if not treated. These warning signs can only be detected through preventive health checkups comprising of mainly X-rays, routine screening, and blood tests. The results of preventive health checkups are incredibly easy and accurate. Moreover, with a qualified medical professional present, you will get the best help as they know exactly what conditions to look out for during these routine screening procedures and checkups. You must also keep in mind your family history since many medical conditions are inherited; discuss your family history with your doctor to ensure that he focuses on that disorder while screening. Preventive health checkups are important annually or as your doctor recommends making sure that you don’t suffer from hereditary medical conditions.

The four main topics to discuss with your doctor or your nurse during the preventive health checkup are:

  1. Your family history
  2. Past allergies or surgeries
  3. Alcohol, tobacco or illicit drug use
  4. Any over the counter or herbal medication
  5. Vitamins or health supplements

Different preventive health checkup packages are provided by all hospitals. However if you cannot make up your mind about which preventive health check-up packages you should choose, undergo the tests mentioned below since they are provided by all hospitals and is imperative especially if you have a family medical history.

  1. Stress Test for families with Cardiac History
  2. Combine it with ECHO (echocardiogram)
  3. Monitor sugar levels and Blood pressure regularly
  4. Health check up for women (Example- Mammogram)

Sound health not only brings out the best in you career wise but you are also happier, allowing yourself to reach personal goals and enjoy the company of your loved ones. Preventive health checkups are a powerful aid which lets us live a longer, healthier and contented life.


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