Common tests in a master health check up

A Master health checkup is one of the finest ways to stay healthy. It determines the existing status of one’s health and helps in reducing the risk factors that are responsible for ailments. A disease can be detected at an initial stage with the help of a master health checkup. Annual medical checkup helps in maintaining good health and prevents illness by an early diagnosis of the disease.

The tests that are appropriate for one depends on one’s health conditions, gender, age and genetic factors. Common tests in a master health checkup ideally include haemogram, liver function test, stool test and blood pressure checks as well as cholesterol checks. The cost of the test varies according to the location of the tests.

Haemogram is a test used to examine the level of hemoglobin, Mean Corpuscular Volume MCV, Mean Corpuscular Hemoglobin Concentration MCHC, Red blood Cells (RBC) count, White Blood Cells (WBC) count, Platelet Count , etc in the volume of the blood sample.

Blood pressure checks can detect the risk factors that are responsible for causing a number of ailments such as failure of the kidney, eye problems, cardiovascular diseases and brain attack caused by bleeding into the brain tissues or blockage in the vessels of the brains. Frequent checking of the blood pressure is a way to monitor the risk factors that cause these diseases.

Cholesterol in our body comes from two sources: the food that we eat and the cholesterol produced by the liver. However, the liver produces the cholesterol that is required by the body. Cholesterol helps in the production of hormones, vitamin D and cell membranes. Cholesterol test is carried out by a blood test. Higher levels of cholesterol in the blood causes heart diseases, but studies have revealed that lowering the level of cholesterol in the blood can minimize the risk of cardiovascular diseases. Thus it can be rightfully concluded that cholesterol measurement can prevent diseases that may develop in future.

Annual health checkup also includes liver function test (LFT). The purpose of the liver function test is to measure how well the liver is functioning. A doctor may recommend a patient to undergo liver test, if a patient is addicted to alcohol, suffering from chronic illness or taking medications that can harm the liver. Liver is an important organ that helps digest fat and filters blood that runs through the body. Stool test helps in diagnosing conditions that affects the digestive system.

So the aim of an annual medical checkup is to ensure that one remains healthy.


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