What to expect during an executive health checkup?

While your body may stop developing in your early twenties, it still continuous to undergo wear and tear. With the body’s natural ability to heal itself, this wear and tear will not lead to any long-lasting effects. However, certain influential factors can disrupt this natural process. These factors can include genetic, environment as well as lifestyle factors.

This is most prominent between the ages of 30 to 60 years, where your body is not only at its peak health, but also at its peak susceptibility. This is due to the fact that most individuals during this age, are under extreme stress, while also being easily influenced by lifestyle habits that affect the body.

Any of the factors mentioned above will have a profound effect on your body between this ages, which can lead to long-lasting effects. To prevent any irreversible factors from affecting you, it is ideal to get an executive health check up during this time. Here is what you can expect in these check up packages:

  • Like other health care package, the executive health check will review your medical history and the possible risk factors you can carry.
  • A physical exam will be conducted by an internal medicine specialists, wherein which, if required, referrals to subspecialists will be recommended.
  • The executive health check up will also include a full range of preventive screening tests for early detection of certain diseases and disorders such as cancer, heart disease and other serious conditions.
  • A thorough and detailed cardiovascular fitness evaluation will also be undertaken. This is crucial as it also helps detect your stress levels, based on environmental and lifestyle habits
  • The executive health check will also include a review and update of medications along with vaccinations and immunisations if needed. This is crucial for individuals who regularly travel abroad for any business purposes.
  • It also focuses on lifestyle assessment which includes a review of nutrition, stress management, alcohol, tobacco and other indicators of diseases.
  • The executive check up also focuses on gender-specific services such as gynaecologist consultation for women.

While most executive health checkup packages cover a comprehensive list of services, tests and managements, it also customised to your personal health.

This program blends the health care provider’s diagnostic expertise with the latest procedures in preventive medical care. This helps in identifying and diagnosing potential disorders or diseases that have been previously undiscovered any previous checkups. These executive health checkup packages are overlooked by experienced and top executive health doctors who have extensive experience in evaluating all possible health risk factors in a selected group of individuals.

The length of your checkups can be extended, if your initial health reviews identify or bring light to issues that require additional testing.