Pros and cons of having a family clinic

Family medicine, also known as family practice is a medical practice speciality that is devoted to the comprehensive health care for all individuals. The medical specialists, in this case, is the family physician, with the health care provider being classified as a family clinic. As the name suggests, its emphasis on the holistic nature of its multi-speciality clinic while focusing its roots on the family.

A family clinic is a division of primary care that provides a continuous and comprehensive health care for individuals and families, regardless of age, genders, diseases or specific parts of the human anatomy. Most family clinics and specialists treat or provide medical assistance based on the knowledge of the patient normally emphasising on disease prevention and health promotion.

As a patient of these speciality clinics you are liable to enjoy these benefits and drawbacks:


They are closely aware of your family history: When it comes to treating any medical disorder or even for a checkup, it is crucial that your medical practitioner is well aware of your family medical history. For one, it is crucial for your diagnosis. Additionally, a family history will help identify possible risk factors that can affect any other members of the family. Take for example heart diseases and cancer. These speciality clinics will not only keep track of your family history but also keep a record of it anytime you visit for a checkup. Through this, they emphasise on the prevention of potential diseases while promoting each family member’s health.

Health care is affordable: Over the last few years, health care has become an expensive affair. However, as most family members do require it, it is one factor that you cannot avoid or even overlook. So how can you save on your financial expenditures while ensuring that your family gets the best of healthcare at an affordable price? By visiting a family clinic, you get a benefit of health care for all members of your family under one roof. Additionally, these clinics also offer special health care benefits and packages suited for the whole family, which you can take advantage of.


General vs. specialists: One of the main and crucial drawbacks of family clinics is the fact that they deal with and only treat general disorders. As treating a variety of individuals over different ages and genders, along with various the factors, they can only offer a comprehensive general treatment. In the event you would require specialised treatment, they can only direct you towards the required speciality clinics.

Have to go by appointments: Since multi-speciality clinic comprises of a comprehensive amount of services and specialists who can only cater to a limited amount of patients in a day. Therefore, if you need to seek medical treatment or even approach here for a checkup, you will be required to take an appointment. In the event of a medical emergency, such restrictions may not work in your favour.