General Health Checkups You Should Have in Your 30s and Beyond

Did you know that many of the life-threatening diseases are preventable? Yes, they are. If you are a fit and healthy woman, you may not feel the need to visit the doctor regularly or go for general check-ups. However, a full recovery is quite possible if the problem is discovered early. Therefore, irrespective of how healthy you are, certain health checks are vital, just as the precautions that need to be taken.

Besides, you also need to know that your age and personal situations play a major role in determining certain factors such as what tests you must get done and when you must get them done. You must also have enough knowledge about your family medical history of strokes, cancer, diabetes, or more. This will help you be alert to certain risk factors from your twenties onwards.

Here below are a few health check-ups that you should have in your 30s and even beyond.

In Your 30s

If you’re in your thirties, it is essential to get an annual check-up done. This would include blood pressure, weight, height and cholesterol. An annual check-up will help you to keep a track of high or low blood pressure or any dynamic changes to your BMI, especially those that are not related to pregnancy. Sexual health-checks are also important as they can track the STIs that are asymptomatic, one of which includes chlamydia. As woman, you should also be getting pap smear tests done every two years, beginning from the year when you become sexually active. At this stage, it is also essential that you get your iron, vitamin D, blood sugar and thyroid tests by your general physician.

In Your 40s

Studies say that the tests recommended in your 30s, must be continued in your 40s as well. However, your doctor will begin screening you for high cholesterol, diabetes and vitamin D levels. Some women may also begin screening for bowel or breast cancer, depending on their family history.

In Your 50s

In your fifties, the tests performed during the previous two decades are still important and therefore, pap smears and annual health check ups for cholesterol, blood pressure, diabetes, weight and height are all advised. Sometimes, doctors may also recommend a mammogram test to be performed. This to detect breast cancer in the early stages, once you’re fifty. Besides breast cancer, most women also face the risk of developing bowel cancer after the age of fifty. Therefore, the required tests are performed and precautions are taken. Once women are fifty, many women become menopausal. Therefore, testing for osteoporosis becomes crucial.

Besides these, there are many more tests that you will need to do regularly at different stages of your life, to make sure you’re leading a healthy lifestyle.