Speciality clinics: a primer

Any medical Institution or facility or establishment that is associated with a hospital or medical school and is devoted to diagnosis and care of out patients is known as a speciality clinic. These clinics are usually run by several specialists who offer personal attention and treatment to patients. A clinic that provides more than one service is known as a multi specialty clinic.

Speciality hospitals offer many kinds of services. Some are specialised in dealing with spinal cord injuries (SCI) and traumatic brain injuries (TBI). Eye care clinics provide lasers for retinal diseases and glaucoma, Lasik surgery, optical coherence tomography, ultrasonography etc. Endoscopic procedure are performed on patients in gastroenterology clinic after they are examined.

There has been a recent rise of speciality clinics seen in India ever since 2013, which has opened new doors in Healthcare. Specialty clinics are a primer. People frequently visit these clinics for many reasons such as stress, infertility, performing dialysis etc.

The All India Institute of Medical Sciences in Bhubaneswar has started speciality clinics, any many other medical institutes are doing so too. Other speciality clinics and hospitals found in India include Narayana health, Agarwal eye clinic and HCG. The only problem that such clinics face is the requirement of IT upgrades which with some funding as well as sponsorship can be resolved.

Speciality clinics save time and also avoid the pain of travelling to far for medical guidance. According to the opinion of many doctors, multispecialty clinic offer patients medical treatment for various problem ‘all under one roof’. This not only proves to be highly convenient and time saving but also cost effective at the same time.

The benefits of choosing a Speciality Hospital includes:

  • High quality staff with focused experience
  • Peer support from patients with similar injuries
  • Specialised patient and family education and resources
  • More options to participate in research studies
  • Specialised long-term support in case of serious health conditions

With the increase in the Awareness of one’s Health Care people in India have become more and more aware of speciality clinics. It has become a kind of a trend here in India especially among the wealthy. There are many such family clinics that people often visit, and why not most do offer the best of healthcare services and treatment options.

With regard to positive response that Speciality clinics are receiving, it appears that the future of speciality clinics and multi-speciality hospitals is quite bright.