What to expect during a Master Health Checkup

Healthcare service providers and the population alike are realising the importance and benefits of health check-ups today. Thus, quite a few hospitals and clinics have come up with attractive healthcare packages, one of which is the master health checkup.

A master health check-up basically means the annual medical check-up a person opts for. Various healthcare centres offer different types of master health check-ups. One should thoroughly research the various tests and consultations a particular master health check-up package offers and make a decision thereafter.

Here are 3 things one should look for when choosing a master health check package-

  • The tests mentioned in the check-up should be appropriate to your age and sex
  • The number of tests that need to be done should be clearly mentioned and the reason explained
  • No unnecessary tests should be included as a part of the annual medical check-up.

Keeping the above three factors in mind while choosing a package will not only save money but also prevent unnecessary complications.

Here are a few things one can expect during a master health check-up-

  1. During the beginning of the check-up, the doctor will ask one complete details about their medical history and their lifestyle. This includes questions on any prior medical conditions one has suffered from, the kind of diet one is following, the medication that is currently prescribed etc.
  2. This is followed by a physical examination.
  3. Then one has to go for certain tests and screenings. Some general tests which are a part of the master health check package are-
  • Urine analysis
  • Stool test
  • X-ray of chest
  • Abdominal ultra-sonogram
  • Pap smear (in case of women)
  • BP, cholesterol and glucose level measurement

Other tests which one may opt for or the doctor recommends as per one’s medical issues are-

  • Liver function tests like- GGTP and SGPT
  • Test for uric acid
  • Haemogram
  1. Other consultations are included on the basis of gender, for instance in case of women a visit with a gynaecologist is scheduled.
  2. Depending on the results of the tests, further consultation is suggested.

A master health check-up should be especially opted for by individuals who have passed their 40s and are now hitting their 50s. This is a period when the body become susceptible to certain common health conditions like diabetes and heart problems.

As the popular saying goes ‘prevention is better than cure’, a health check-up can effectively detect if one is at a risk of developing such conditions, so that prevention measure can be adopted.