At what age should I start getting preventive health check-ups?

Statistics show that the health expenditure in the country comes down to about 4.1% of the GDP annually, while private medical expenditure comes to about 70.8% annually. One way of avoiding such high medical expenditure is through a preventive health check-up.

Spending some money on preventive health checkup packages will definitely result in less expenditure as compared to financing never ending medical bills after the onset of a disease or health condition.

One should opt for a preventive health check-up, at least annually, after he has reached the age of 30 and above. This is primarily because it is generally after the 30s that the body begins to slow down and the immunity level becomes less.

For individuals who are above 45 years and are nearly reaching their 50s, a preventive health check-up is highly important, because this is the time when chronic conditions like diabetes, heart problems, and blood pressure issues are likely to develop.

Therefore one should start considering preventive health check-up packages as they hit their middle and late 30s.

Preventive health check-up packages

A preventive health checkup routine varies from one person to another, as it is designed depending on the family history and current age of the individual. But a few common tests and examinations that are a part of a preventive health check-up are-

  • Medical history- The check-up commences with the acquisition of the detailed clinical history of an individual. The individual at this point may mention if he is facing certain health issues or complaints. Information on former surgeries and procedures is also taken along with an immunization report.
  • Vital statistics- The vital signs of the individual are taken and monitored. This includes-
  1. Blood pressure
  2. Temperature
  3. Heart rate
  4. Respiration rate
  5. Heart exam
  6. Weight
  • Body examination- A general examination of the body is done. The doctor starts with a head/neck examination, where the eye, ears, mouth, teeth, neck and gums are examined. The thyroid and lymph nodes are also checked. The abdomen, hands and legs are also examined.
  • Lab tests- Some common lab tests that may be a part of the preventive health check-up include-
  1. Urinalysis
  2. Prostate cancer screening
  3. Ovarian cancer screening
  4. ECG
  5. Lipid test
  6. Hearing and vision test for senior patients

In India master health checks are no regulated, thus when choosing a preventive health check-up ensure that it caters to specific needs and does not have tests that are redundant. Very often extra tests are added to increase the overall costs of the check-up, thus it becomes necessary that one opts for a preventive health check-up from a reputable medical facility.