I’m 30. What are tests I should look out for in a health check up package?

Many individuals shy away from visits to the doctor, often playing to their own disadvantage. Once a person’s roaring twenties are behind him, and he steps in to his thirties, it is time to take health seriously. Even if one doesn’t pay regular visits to the doctor, it is important that he at least gets regular health checkups done. With health checkups or physical exams done frequently, any health problems can be caught on time before they turn into serious health issues.

Health checkups aren’t just required if you have certain symptoms. They should be done routinely. Now coming to the kind of health exam you need to go for on a regular basis. This depends on age, family history, and health as well as lifestyle choices.

  • Blood pressure tests: Probably one of the simplest and quickest health exams available. It would be ideal if it is done annually so that a baseline can be created for better monitoring. As people become older, they risk suffering from hypertension or high blood pressure that only makes them susceptible to cardiac disease, heart attacks, stroke, kidney disease, etc.
  • Cholesterol level tests: Food consumption habits nowadays lead to high accumulation of fat in the body. High cholesterol levels can lead to heart disease and heart attacks. This fat level needs to be monitored through regular cholesterol tests and also with a proper, balanced diet and lifestyle habits.
  • Prostrate check: This is one of the most important tests for men, and one that can help to detect early signs of prostrate cancer, which is one of the most commonly occurring forms of cancer in men. Even though such health exams are usually done slightly later in a man’s life, it is better to start detection tests early.
  • Eye checkup: The vision and health of your eyes need to be evaluated with periodic health checkups. Glaucoma, cataracts are some common disorders that have started affecting the eyes of men and women in their thirties itself.
  • Dental checkup: Regular inspection of teeth and oral cavity can prevent tooth decay and other dental problems that can affect the quality of one’s life later.
  • Mammograms: A vital test for early detection of breast cancer in women. It is especially important if cancer runs in your family.

Going for regular health check up should not be shied away from; it is only a matter of investment of a couple of hours towards the future of one’s health. Speak to a doctor about all the tests one should go for when they reach 30 years.