I’m 50. What are tests I should look out for in a health check up package?

With the fast pace of life today, stress is catching up faster than we realise. One needs to keep up with day to day routine as well as hectic schedule, by ensuring that they are healthy and fit.

When one is still young the body is healthy and immunity is strong, thus health issues do not crop up easily. As one approaches 50 or crosses 50, one needs to sit up and start thinking about an organized regime, so that further health issues do not spring a surprise. One requires periodic health check- ups from this age onwards.

Nowadays there are health checkup packages easily available offering top quality medical services, as per your schedule and at reasonable prices, not to mention with complete accuracy.

For a person who is approaching his 50s or is well into that age group, a health check-up package should include the following tests and examinations-

  • A Colonoscopy
  • Watching your weight, thus the need to step on the weighing scales from time to time and maintaining a record so as to monitor any weight gain or loss
  • Blood Sugar levels – this would mean conducting a blood test for fasting sugars and post prandial sugars
  • Hypertension monitoring is a must due to bad lifestyle, eating habits, stress levels
  • Cholesterol tests should be a must in the health check-up regime
  • Any kind of skin irregularity should be looked out for
  • Vision test and monitoring if one is facing some sort of eye trouble. If not, a standard eye check should be done anyway
  • Mammography, Pap smear tests should be a must in the health check-up for women
  • Taking care of all immunization shots so that one keeps healthy throughout one’s life.

Online health checkup is also available, for which you need to register yourself. Online websites have comprehensive health check-up packages from where you could choose the one that you are looking for.

There are online health checkup quizzes, whereby one could go through some questions and based on the answers given, one is told, how fit they are. This mini online health checkup includes feeding in height, weight, and certain exercises that one should perform. As per the information one feeds in an almost accurate feedback is given.

But, it is recommended that one gets a full medical health check done at least one time during the year, in order to maintain a fit and active lifestyle.