What is the ideal age to go for a master health check-up?

Life today has literally become a rat race, where individuals are trying to survive the competition and live up to high standards of living. As a result one’s health and mental well-being is constantly ignored. While the body can cope up with a fast lifestyle and fight infections when young, once an individual crosses his 30s it begins to slow down.

Thus, it is recommended that individuals become a little health conscious after they reach their 30s. This is the deal time when one should start going for a master health check, also known as an annual health checkup.

A master health check-up involves a visit to the doctor once a year, in order to get an overall body examination done. After which a comprehensive report of one’s health is formulated. The check generally comprises various routine tests which examine if an individual has developed a condition or is at a risk of developing one.

A master health checkup is not the same for all. The check-up is designed depending on one’s age, sex and health factors. Thus, a routine annual health check-up will be different for a person who is age 50 as compared to one who is in his 30s.

The importance of a master health check-

  • Identifies health risks- An annual medical check, will effectively identify the health risks as well as warning signs of certain diseases that are likely to develop if immediate action is not taken. A number of diseases as well as bodily disorders can be effectively cured when detected early, making a master health check quite necessary.
  • Ideal for individuals that have certain diseases running in the family- One is at a great risk of suffering from a diseases if it runs in the family. A master health check-up effectively helps in the identification of the condition so that it can be treated at the earliest stage possible. Certain diseases that are genetic include heart disease, cancer, asthma, high blood pressure, diabetes etc.
  • Budget friendly- Most master health check packages are highly cost effective and fit within one’s budget. Moreover, a routine check-up often helps treat conditions that can prove to pinch the pocket at a later stage.
  • Covered by insurance and offers tax benefits- With the increasing popularity of master health check-ups, many insurance companies have started covering an annual check-up these days. Moreover, as per Income Tax Act 80D one can also claim certain tax benefits from such checks.

It is never too late to start opting for a master health check-up. Choose one today and get ready for a healthy and improved lifestyle!