What to expect at a family clinic

Gone are the days of nondescript clinics at a corner of the street, gone are the days of a single physician sitting at the clinic for hours on end waiting for his patients. In this day and age, medical clinics are swanky and modern. There are two kinds of clinics that are available- single specialty and multi-specialty.

Single specialty clinics are those clinics that focus on one medical discipline only. Since the focus is singular, all one’s needs regarding that discipline are met with top-notch quality care. Doctors practicing here, all belong to the same discipline or sub-categories of it. They know their discipline well, thus offering the best medical advice to patients.

Multispecialty clinics are those that house different medical disciplines in one building. Doctors from various disciplines offer their services at a one-stop location. Here, the doctors can often seek each others’ opinions and suggest required diagnostic tests according to the patient’s needs and medical condition.

Why should you choose multispecialty clinics?

  • The environment fostered here is of high quality medical care because of the enhanced communication and collaboration between the doctors of differing specialties. This is advantageous to those patients with multiple or complex medical problems spanning different medical areas.
  • It is a time-saving mechanism as one no longer needs to hop, skip and jump to different single specialty clinics. Going from clinic to clinic, scheduling different appointments, coordinating diagnostic testing, etc, can become a harrowing experience for many.
  • Patients have an advantage of being under the wing of top experts that are capable of solving complex medical problems. Some of the doctors often come from rarer and narrower disciplines, which cannot be found in specialty clinics.
  • Once in surgery, one has a greater chance of a very positive outcome if one is in the hands of a multispecialty panel of doctors that can give overall care and diagnosis.
  • Multispecialty clinics are helpful when you need a second opinion, or have a complex or rare problem like cancer and cardiac disease. It helps when your medical issue can benefit greatly from specialists from different disciplines.
  • Multispecialty clinics become one stop locations for a wide plethora of diagnostic tests.

Since multispecialty clinics house different disciplines in one building, they often function as family clinics, which the entire family can visit in order to solve different kinds of health issues. The choice between a single specialty clinic and a multiple one is an important decision that goes a long way in treating a medical problem correctly and effectively. It is important to choose wisely by weighing all factors in hand.


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