Health checkup packages: how can they benefit you?

Most people tend to ignore the fact that they need a health check as they think are healthy people and do not require a health checkup. However the fact is that it is health checkup are essential for the wellbeing of the every individual. Regular checkups help people to avoid sever health risk for the future.

Following are the comprehensive health checkup packages provided by Apollo hospitals groups.

  1. Apollo master health check

The Apollo master health checkup package includes 32 comprehensive health checkups for men and women below the age of 35. This package helps to evaluate in details the present health status of the person. Accumulated, all the tests will help detect any potential threat of risk to the health of the person. These tests would help to detect all the possible diseases that might have already started building in your body yet has not surfaced in the form of any severe symptom. Like complete urine analysis would detect any injection or other disease you might have been unaware of earlier.

  1. Apollo senior citizens health check

The Apollo senior citizens health check includes a comprehensive test for the people above the age of 60.

Apollo provides two packages for the senior citizens

  1. Pack I

This package includes 6 tests- Haemogram, Fasting Blood Sugar, Lipid Profile, Urine Routine, Creatinine, X- Ray Chest and ECG.

This package also includes a complete physical examination and advice by a Geriatic Consultant.

  1. Pack II

This package includes all the tests that are mentioned in the Apollo master health check package. The package also comprises of other test like TSH, Calcium, and Stool for Occult Blood, Dexa Scan and PSA (men)/ Mammogram (women). A Geriatric consultant would thoroughly exam and provide advice accordingly. Further diet counseling and a physiotherapy consultancy would be provided if required.

  1. Apollo future health check

This special package is designed to cover all the dimensions of health and diseases at one go. This package examines the complete medical history of a person which includes family history and lifestyle habits. The package also includes a comprehensive history of vaccinations which helps in the process of analysis and evaluation of the person for the future reference.

The package includes an array of examinations, counseling and consultancy sessions from various specialist. This package helps a person to gauge his/her medical condition and what changes he/she has to make to overcome such issues. The specialists would provide a complete analysis and suggest advice on what kind of lifestyle, dietary habits and otherwise has to be followed to live a healthy life apart from the detection of the diseases.

These health checkup packages have been designed to help people live healthy and be aware of the diseases at the earliest. The sooner the diseases gets detected the better the chances of being cured.