What are the primary tests that must be included in a health Check-up Pacakge?

Health checkup packages are usually designed to detect life threatening as well as common medical conditions. Most of these diseases are successfully treated on early diagnosis. People can choose any form of health check up according to their health status, age and requirements. Most of the health check ups are performed in private clinics or hospitals. Admissions in hospitals is generally not required. Depending on the screening preparations or tests, not eating food for some hours before specific USG scan or blood test can be needed. Instructions need to be strictly followed before health check ups.

There are various types of health check up packages such as:

  1. Routine health checkups package- This form of health check ups usually include consultations with specialists such as opthalmologists, gynecologists and general physicians. The specialists usually perform physical examinations to check vital signs such as weight, respiratory rate and blood pressure. Blood test is generally done to find out the CBC (complete blood count), blood sugar levels, fats (lipid) profile and HIV. Urine tests and stool examinations are carried out as well. Routine health checkups also include chest X-ray, electrocardiogram, ultrasound, digital mammogram, pelvic exam, PAP smear, tonometry, lung functioning tests, ENT examinations and diet counseling.
  2. Cardiac health check up packages- These health check ups are performed to diagnose the risk of any form of heart diseases. This package usually includes consultations with an experienced cardiologist, USC scan for blood sugar, complete haemogram, serum hemocysteine, S.G.O.T, X-ray of the chest, ECG, TMT, 2D Echo, and renal profiling. Lipid profiling and diet counseling are al.
  3. Women health check up package- This type of health check up package is designed to give a comprehensive checkup to a woman for early diagnosis or detection of medical conditions. This pakage includes consultation with a gynecologist, random blood sugar examination, complete haemogram, thyroid tests, routine urine exam, X-rays, pelvic screening (ultrasound), Pap smear, breast examination and mammography.
  4. Executive health check up package- This is generally for people who live a very stressful life. Executive health check ups are generally for people who reside in a highly polluted area and are exposed to extreme levels of pollution. Those who smoke regularly are also advised to go for this package. Executive health check up usually includes AHC package, Cardiac stress analysis, echo test, spirometry (pulmonary function test) and diet counseling.

Health checkups are extremely vital for your health. The specialist shares information about the functioning of your body including signs of emotional distress or illnesses. Health check ups are also necessary to manage and monitor harmful behaviors in the body.