Executive Health Checkup: What Do They Offer?

People tend to live a life full of stress now a day. Consequently, they are exposed to many diseases and the health conditions that have potential to cause severe problems in the future. The executive health checkup package helps people to have a thorough checkup and identify the issues that are possibly harming them. Moreover this package is recommended for people who regularly smoke or are continuously exposed to severe pollution. It is designed to determine the health condition of the people affected.

Executive health checkup package includes following checkups:

  1. AHC Apollo heart checkup package

A stressful life has a tendency to primarily affect the heart. This executive checkup package includes a thorough heart checkup. The comprehensive checkup helps to determine the accurate status of the cardiovascular system. The symptoms like chest pain, palpitation, or shortness of breath are common for any heart related diseases. The test would determine if these symptoms have anything to do with the heart.

  1. Cardiac stress analysis (TMT) or Echo

Cardiac stress analysis helps to detect any heart disease that a person may suffer from.  This test determines the condition of the heart and how much abnormal rhythms or a drop of blood flow to the heart it can manage. The electrocardiogram and heart rate is examined to analyze the heart’s condition.

  1. Pulmonary function test (spirometry)

Most people in today’s time smoke as a tool to reduce their stress immediately. However, this harms their lungs drastically. They gradually develop many severe lung issues without realizing it. Moreover, the increase in pollution has also lead to many pulmonary diseases. These issues can be detected with the pulmonary function tests. Spirometry is the most common test that helps to decipher the exact condition of the lungs.

  1. Diet counseling

The key to a healthy living is a proper diet. Moreover, many diseases can be prevented and cured with a perfect diet plan. The executive checkup package includes diet counseling to not just detect the diseases and bad health conditions but to eradicate it from their roots.

A hectic and stressful life has made people indulge in many harmful and unhealthy practices like smoking which possess high risk on their health. An executive checkup package helps people to get aware of their health conditions and to get proper medication and advices before it’s too late. A thorough checkup helps people to stay healthy and avoid severe conditions.