How Can Preventive Health Check-Ups Help You?

Preventive health checkups are helpful for a better living. It is better to spend on the preventive health checkups annually than on the treatment of some severe disease. Moreover, the trouble one suffers from the symptoms and the stress of the severe health conditions are something anyone would want to avoid. So it is better to get a preventive health checkup package beforehand and stay away from the diseases.

The 5 advantages of taking preventive health checkups are:

  1. Maintaining a healthy life

It is important to maintain a healthy life. The regular checkup ensures that your health never deteriorates in any manner. Everything in this world needs maintenance, even your car. Your body too needs to be maintained on a regular basis. A preventive checkup helps to determine a healthy living as the doctor will recommend an array of healthy tips for living.

  1. Prevention is better than cure

Preventive checkups on a regular basis help doctors detect health issues. Several tests are recommended to determine the current status of the patient. If any problem is detected then the treatment starts immediately without any delay. This saves a lot of trouble and the chances of getting the disease are reduced.

  1. Financial security

Avoiding your health to control expenditure is harmful for both your health and your coffers. Preventive health checkups ensure that you remain healthy and do not get affected by any harmful disease. Moreover if the disease is detected early then the treatment for the disease would cost less. Thus by preventing disease people do save money as well. Thus preventive health checkup packages are helpful and beneficiary.

  1. Helps to gauge the current health condition

Many people remain unaware of their health conditions and invite the risk of the suffering from severe ailments. Health checkups help to avoid these scenarios. A health checkup helps you identify health conditions like blood pressure issues, cholesterol level, and blood sugar levels. The more you are aware of your condition the less are the chances of getting severed.

  1. Identification of diseases

There are chances that people are already suffering from a medical condition but are still unaware. Further there are chances that they will remain aware of this fact till it gets severed. A preventive health checkup will help the patient to identify the condition and get the treatment at the earliest.

As said before, prevention is better than cure. So prevent all the harmful health conditions with preventive health checkup packages beforehand and live a healthy and peaceful life.


At what age should I start getting preventive health check-ups?

Statistics show that the health expenditure in the country comes down to about 4.1% of the GDP annually, while private medical expenditure comes to about 70.8% annually. One way of avoiding such high medical expenditure is through a preventive health check-up.

Spending some money on preventive health checkup packages will definitely result in less expenditure as compared to financing never ending medical bills after the onset of a disease or health condition.

One should opt for a preventive health check-up, at least annually, after he has reached the age of 30 and above. This is primarily because it is generally after the 30s that the body begins to slow down and the immunity level becomes less.

For individuals who are above 45 years and are nearly reaching their 50s, a preventive health check-up is highly important, because this is the time when chronic conditions like diabetes, heart problems, and blood pressure issues are likely to develop.

Therefore one should start considering preventive health check-up packages as they hit their middle and late 30s.

Preventive health check-up packages

A preventive health checkup routine varies from one person to another, as it is designed depending on the family history and current age of the individual. But a few common tests and examinations that are a part of a preventive health check-up are-

  • Medical history- The check-up commences with the acquisition of the detailed clinical history of an individual. The individual at this point may mention if he is facing certain health issues or complaints. Information on former surgeries and procedures is also taken along with an immunization report.
  • Vital statistics- The vital signs of the individual are taken and monitored. This includes-
  1. Blood pressure
  2. Temperature
  3. Heart rate
  4. Respiration rate
  5. Heart exam
  6. Weight
  • Body examination- A general examination of the body is done. The doctor starts with a head/neck examination, where the eye, ears, mouth, teeth, neck and gums are examined. The thyroid and lymph nodes are also checked. The abdomen, hands and legs are also examined.
  • Lab tests- Some common lab tests that may be a part of the preventive health check-up include-
  1. Urinalysis
  2. Prostate cancer screening
  3. Ovarian cancer screening
  4. ECG
  5. Lipid test
  6. Hearing and vision test for senior patients

In India master health checks are no regulated, thus when choosing a preventive health check-up ensure that it caters to specific needs and does not have tests that are redundant. Very often extra tests are added to increase the overall costs of the check-up, thus it becomes necessary that one opts for a preventive health check-up from a reputable medical facility.

5 reasons why you should go for a preventive health check-up

Life today has become fast moving and very hectic for most people. This has not only resulted in the onset of many health issues but also the disruption of personal life and quality time with oneself. Thus, people who normally come across as healthy may actually be at a high risk of developing a certain health condition.

Health problems like diabetes, hearts disease, hypertension and obesity have become extremely common in children and adults alike. Thus, to avoid the onset of such health issues during one’s course of life, it is essential that certain preventive measures are taken. This is why one should opt for a preventive health checkup from time to time.

Here are 5 reasons that will convince you that preventive health check-up packages are helpful and should be opt for, to lead a healthy life-

  1. Determines if one is at risk of certain health problems- The tests and medical screening that are a part of a preventive health check-up, help determine if one is at risk of developing certain health conditions like diabetes or hypertension. Thus, effective measures can be adopted in the diet and lifestyle to prevent the onset of such conditions.
  2. Results in early detection of health problems- It also helps in early detection of health issues like allergies or problems with vision and hearing. Thus, they can be effectively treated. A preventive health check-up can prove to be highly favourable if it detects terminal diseases like cancer at an early stage. It may just save your life because cancer is more effectively treatable at stage 1 or 2 rather than the later stages.
  3. Lower costs- Cost of medical treatment in an early stage of a disease is much less as compared to the advanced stage. Thus in the long run a preventive health check-up helps save funds.
  4. Fewer complications during treatment- If a disease is determined while it is still in its initial stages, it poses fewer complications during the process of treatment. Thus, success rates of recovery is high.
  5. Offers peace of mind- Even if the preventive health check-up indicates that you are healthy, and indicates no prevailing ailments then you are assured of good health and can continue to live as per your daily schedule.

All hospitals and healthcare centres offer a variety of preventive health checkup packages. Consider the various options available and pick the package which includes necessary tests and consultations.

Everything You Need to Know About a Preventive Health Check-up

According to reports, the health expenditure in India accounts for 4.1% of the national gross domestic product (GDP); while private expenditure on health adds up to a total of 70.8% of all the health expenditure in the country. Therefore, the choice for the citizen’s in the country is quite straightforward. They must invest in a small sum on preventive health check-ups, which can be covered by their insurance, instead of spending massive amounts during a health crisis.

Preventive health checkup have numerous benefits. Not only do you save yourself from the trouble of having to suffer the various symptoms, pain and stress of the illness but also you get to save the money that you would otherwise spend on the hospital costs. Today, most medical professionals agree that one of the best ways that you can take care of your health is by going for regular or annual health checks. Here below are a few reasons as to why such checks are necessary.

  • Even our body needs to be checked regularly: We often put our time, effort and money into ensuring that our vehicle is serviced regularly and functioning well. However, do we ever do this for ourselves? Like vehicles, the human body too needs to be tuned up regularly and must be checked for optimal functioning. Therefore, we must make sure to value our health as much as we do for our vehicle.
  • Do we exercise? This is a question that we never like to answer. However, the reality is that today, we are all so hooked to our sedentary jobs and the computer that even when we aren’t working, we surf the net and spend hours of time sitting in front of the computer screen. Besides, many people smoke and drink and never exercise. This is something that leads us to have very unhealthy lives and therefore, along with some exercise, preventive health check up are necessary, to keep track of our body’s functioning.
  • Healthy people fall ill too: While we are young, we feel lively and invincible. However, as age begins to catch up, the random aches and pains occur. High blood pressure, cholesterol, diabetes, and other such ailments start to progress, and therefore, regular healthcare is necessary. Taking care of such illnesses at an early stage will help prevent these ailments and benefit your health.
  • Insurance covers them: Most insurance companies cover the cost of preventive health check-ups in their medical insurance policies. A little research on such policies can help you save some money on the check-ups you might need to make.
  • Save on tax: Besides all the other benefits, you also get tax benefits for such health check-ups under section 80D of the Income Tax Act. Also, you could also get a tax deduction of up to Rs. 5000 for preventive health check-ups for yourself and your family.

Today, we all know that life is hectic and full of stress that only compounds the problem and increases the chances of lifestyle disorders. Therefore, we must opt for preventive health check-ups and keep track of the functioning of our bodies.

What to expect during a preventive health checkup?

As we try to meet the growing demands of the competitive world, we tend to ignore our health, until required to confront a medical complication. In order to cope up with the rising risk of medical disorders, health monitors have now become mandatory. This is because most of the health issues can be managed more efficiently if only they are detected early.

This is where the preventive health checkup offered by medical practitioners will work wonders for you. They offer a comprehensive check-up that screens your complete body to detect even the slightest symptom that would indicate a major disease or illness. In addition, the check would also identify the reason for any minor ailments, which is a constant irritation for you. Once the check up is completed, your medical provider will recommend the ideal form of treatment or management to help treat or prevent the disorder from progressing.

Given below is all that you need to know about the preventive health check up and why should you opt for health check up packages in the future:

What is preventive care?

Preventive care is a specialised medical service provided by healthcare and medical providers that include regular check – ups, screenings and immunisations. This type of health care is designed to detect health problems before they become serious or irreversible. Normally, different health check up packages targets different age groups as well as genders as it helps focus on disorders that target these factors.

Why is it important to have a preventive visit?

Getting a preventive health check up will help your doctor to evaluate your current health and make sure that you get the right screening tests for your age, gender, and genetic history. This visit can help you not only stay healthy but also help you identity any possibility of health concerns before they become a long-term or permanent condition.

How is it different from a regular office visit?

The preventive health checkup also known as routine check-ups are different from other office visits. This is because these visits are normally scheduled when you suffer from a medical condition. In this case, the symptoms are more prominent and more pronounced to a particular medical condition or problem. In this case, you would visit a medical practitioner for a preventive measure even when you’re feeling healthy. The check – ups would include a physical examination, checking your blood pressure, or even getting recommended vaccines.

How often should I get a preventive visit?

Everyone has different health care needs. How often should you see a medical practitioner will depend on your age, gender, medical and family history. For certain individuals, a preventive health check up will be recommended as often as once a year. You can always approach your doctor to know how often should you get a preventive check up. Be sure that you check the details of you plan before you make an appointment with a doctor.