5 tests to expect during an executive health check up

An executive undergoes stressful target oriented jobs, long hours at work, untimely food habits, more junk food, lack of exercise and the list goes on. The fast changing lifestyle is increasing health disorders rampantly.

Some other contributors to health related issues are obesity, smoking, pollution, inadequate sleep and an irregular exercise regime. Keeping these in view, good organizations would like their executives to go for annual executive health check-ups, so that their employees’ health can be safe guarded.

This change in corporate sector has seen an increase in executive health checkup packages across cities and thus one can select from a range of hospitals and a range of packages.

There are a number of advantages of these executive health check-ups, as they help one to identify

  • Any high risk issues
  • Diabetes
  • Thyroid related issues
  • Hypertension
  • Onset of any disease at an early stage itself

Executive health check-ups are a part of preventive healthcare measure, so that any health related problem can be easily identified, since these are required to be done annually.

Executive health checkups also help to create awareness amongst executives so that they can modify their lifestyle in case even a small anomaly is found in their medical tests that need to be managed and controlled at the earliest stage to ensure good health and thus good productivity.

There are numerous checks that are a part of an executive health check-up. Here are a few tests that you should expect while opting for an executive health check-up package.

  1. Complete Haemogram – this gives a complete blood count and is used as a broad screening test to identify any disorder like anaemia, blood infection etc.
  2. ECG – An electrocardiogram gives the complete electrical activity of the heart in the way of paper tracings comprising of waves.
  3. Lipid profile – measures the cholesterol of the heart – bad as well as good
  4. USG – whole abdomen – An ultrasonography of the whole abdomen will help identify any untoward growths or any other abnormality which has occurred over the year
  5. Liver Function Test–a blood test which gives details of the liver and its performance

TSH, Hypertension and Blood sugar tests also form part of the executive health check-up package. The executive health check-up packages have become more of a necessity due to the hectic lifestyles and work pressures. All corporates as well as doctors appreciate this change in the health sector, which is more of a preventive measure taken on time, for any medical issue that may show up while undergoing the tests.